Pictures says more than what you think


The transformation of your body can be absolutely amazing! I can honestly tell you that when I looked at this picture, I patted myself on the back and said “keep going!” But what I really love is that pictures says more than what people actually may think.  My mind is completely different than last year. In the picture on the left, I actually felt that my life was over.. Dramatic… Yes. I felt that all I could do is be a mom, I no longer can focus on my purpose spiritually and physically. However today it feels that I can accomplish so much more and better things now that I  am a mother.

I know that many moms will read this and say “yeah right”. But just think about your day and all the things you get done. Don’t focus on the things that didn’t go right or that was left on your “to do” list.  The many things that you did complete or lets just be honest, just the fact that you did not run away and let your love ones fend for themselves is an act of God on your behalf (lol). So with that being said its gets me to my point. What if you put that same push and effort on things that furthered your why? You know the reason why you were put on this earth? If you never thought about it, you should! Your why, may change not only someones life but the world!

P.s. Be proud and pat yourself on back even when you don’t feel like you accomplished anything. You deserve it!


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Your Journey

One thing I know for sure is, everyone is on a journey. Even if you feel that I have nothing going on in my life, you are still on a journey. The big question is… Where am I going?  We are all given the free will to do something great or to not do anything at all. Its all a choice. Now you can read this and say, “well ,you don’t know my struggles and what I have been through”. That’s True. I don’t. But you cant tell me that you do not have the ability to at least try! Try do something that makes this thing called life.. your journey.. worthwhile.

As I am on this journey with my weight loss( again) after having my daughter. I am often discouraged. Seeing other new moms in their size 4s and flat tummies. Like I know breastfeeding is awesome but seriously what happened to me(LOL) ? So yeah I didn’t have the same advantages as some of the other moms, I couldn’t breast feed, daycare is expensive (its hard to buy healthy food), and I have never been more tired in my life (exercising sucks sometimes ).  You know we all have our excuses regardless if they are valid. However this is my journey.. and mine alone.  I can’t compare my life to others and I will make choice to WIN at my own pace. Sometimes the smallest victory for me is that I didn’t eat a cookie today! Ill take it!

P.s. Choose to Win. Whatever your journey may take you. You are worth it!

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Damaged Goods?

I haven’t  felt the need to write a blog in a while. You know when life hits, the things that you enjoy are put on the bottom of your priority list. However I just listened to a sermon called “damaged goods” and I said to myself, out loud… Here we go again?! ” you are more than a conqueror, “your are the head not the tail”, you know what I mean all the same things that you hear when someone is trying to encourage someone. Now please do not get me wrong those religious saying are indeed in the Bible and they are beautiful reminders but sometimes you want to know how you can deal with your issue(s) and what are the steps for those strongholds to be broken.

So to spare you of all the thoughts that ran through my head while watching this sermon. I began to write down all the things that I have been through and the areas in my life that I feel are less than desirable. This allowed me to see what can really hold me back from my potential.  I laughed at my list. I literally said OK, so… life has been hard but you are not the only one. Someone who has been molested, misused, or even lost someone to a tragic death can live again!

Here’s my suggestion. if you are reading this and you have felt as if your life is mediocre and you have dreams that you want to pursue but you are unsure why you cant take that step. Write those things down. Be honest and ask the Lord how can those “damaged” areas/things in your life can be used for good.

Write that book! Lose those 10lbs! Start that new company!

P.s. and if you heard a message like this before and still haven’t started to pursue your dreams. You are worth it! Start now!


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PhotoGrid_1487358223599I keep telling myself that I am a woman and its OK that I have insecurities… but is that really a good excuse??? Should we harbor those insecurities and then clothed them on our bodies like those favorite pair of jeans… I mean really ladies is that what we are meant to do…

As I let that statement settle in , I cant help but to think how to take off those jeans. And how hard is that process when there is soooo many things that I would like to change on myself.  Who would love and except the width of my nose, the thunder in my thighs, and the pudge in my tummy? I mean you cant even turn on the t.v and look at a burger commercial without seeing a beautiful THIN woman eating one (lol). Oh …and there are all types of ways to “fix” whats wrong with you…. cream to fix your skin, pills to tighten this and that, I mean for goodness sake you can get surgery to change your face completely if you are not happy with it.

So first things first. I have to look to the one who created me and ask Him what to do? Not questions why didn’t he make my boobs bigger and my waist smaller? But to ask for His eyes because He seems see me a lot differently that I see myself(Psalms 139:1414 I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made.Wonderful are your works;my soul knows it very well). Then take a picture and focus on what you love! So for me the curves of my hips, the shape of my eyes, and the brightness of my smile is what I will be thankful for.. and Finally… Ladies allow God to work through the rest of your “flaws” because He thinks you are to die for!

Loving me is “A new step, to an old dance”

Sharda Stevens

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Feeling Stuck….

Image result for stinky thinking

In a world that constantly moves, you evaluate whats going on in your own personal world….

The more I evaluate the more I feel stuck. I know I am not the only one….but the real question is how do we unstick ourselves? Do we ignore the feeling and live this mediocre life? Or is there a magical oil that will make us non-stick (lol).

I have tried everything from praying, writing down goals, reading self help books….I mean you name it, i have done it!!! Then I stumbled across this video by Priscilla Shirer titled “Toxic Thinking”For as he thinks within himself, so he is. He says to you, “Eat and drink!” But his heart is not with you (Proverbs23:7). The way you feel starts with how you think…. But how do you change the way you think?  you might ask.. You have to say those positive and great things to yourself! Not just today but on a daily basis. Then once you believe it now your faith is no longer without works. Now your prayers are more effective!  I know your circumstances have not changed (yet) but you being depressed does not change your perspective. Your Perception is  your reality. As I express my thoughts to you and minister to myself. I want to try to wake up with positive thoughts each morning and see where that gets me because being angry,sad, or frustrated does not change my situation…. and Yeah you may say being happy doesn’t either… and you are right! But changing the way you think might allows you to be thankful and see things differently.

Food for thought…

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Ungrateful Heart

Today is the day that everyone’s heart is full of Thanksgiving and Love. You share special moments with your loved ones, and you capture them with a click of a button….We post them for the world to see the beauty of your day.

But on days like this I ponder about those moments and often feel that my world is not a beautiful as theirs. I live in a city with people that have the same blood running through their veins and I couldnt feel more disconnected.

Why am I so selfish, I ask. I cant feel like this for I am so blessed, I bellow. This day is when the most important Person was born to save sinners, how could you be so UNGRATEFUL , I complain! But when I write it down the words  becomes so clear why I feel the cracks in my heart… the hurt,my disappointed,  and the brokenessential I feel is  because I LOVE… I have to be grateful about that, I am here because LOVE died for me.

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The moment when you have to get your life together, that every thing you feel no longer can be expressed because it’s no longer valid. The moment when you put your big girl panties on and you walk tall for no one can see the world on your shoulders. The moment you tell yourself to pray but prayer seems impossible for yourself, the frustration of your flesh is trying to outweigh your faith. The moment when you rather hide behind the walls of your home because the world seems cruel. The moment when you are back to a place that you said you would never be in again for The One you serve is Greater than your fears and the light to your darkness. The moment that your family and friends become your enemies because isolation is so much more inviting.
The moment when the only way to express yourself is to write your words that you dare not to say out loud
The Moment…..

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Dieting VS Depriving


Everyone hates the word diet, because you may feel like you are depriving yourself from the foods you love.
If you turn this word into a positive one you will now feel that dieting is to be more disciplined and not over indulge in the foods that I love. You can still have a cookie or two but not that whole container in one weekend! There is no rule book that says you are depriving yourself if you never have junk food again, but on the contrary there are medical claims that you can make yourself very sick if you continue to eat too much of it.
Being new on this journey or starting over because you have fell off the wagon. Start writing your foods down and also use a calendar and set small periods of time to have cheat day.  You will not only work harder but you will see that over time your cheat days are further apart from one another!
Remember to have a successful start you should plan and prep because it is so easy to fall into your old habits. As time goes on this will become apart your regiment and I promise you will have a successful victory as well!

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Why I am against “Fad Diets”


This is a picture that I have been avoiding to post. There has been so many people that have congratulated me  on losing so much weight but I struggle with the results…. Yes, I  am happy that I am healthier and yes! I love going to a store and picking up clothes that I don’t have to try on however walking past a mirror while getting dress is a reminder how I started my whole weight loss journey.
When I first was told to lose weight by my General Practitioner, I wanted it to be  done fast! Back in 2011 the new fad diet called HCG was so appealing. “30 pounds in 30 days!” Who wouldn’t want that?! So I purchased the program and lost 32 lbs in 30 days. I was so elated! I told myself I can do this now. So I began eating right and walking after dinner. I kept the weight off but the scale didn’t move like I wanted it to. So I did another round of HCG and lost 15 more pounds and that was the first time I  seen a little lose skin. But it didn’t bother me, I told myself I would do situps or something. Then I began to gain what I lost and became depressed. A co-worker of mine showed me the Atkins diet and I was skeptical. Her exact word was ” you can eat more than 500 calories” (HCG only allowed me to eat that many calories a day). So I was sold! I lost more weight and the scale was my friend again!
Then one day someone mentioned to me, you are so lucky that you worked the weight off or you would have lose skin. I told her I do! And gave her the background. That before I became a gym rat and a lover of the best supplements company (Advocare ). I began my journey with fad diets and starvation to allow my body to lose weight. I told her my regrets and how I wish that I took it slower….
Today after speaking at an event I decided to share this, not for sympathy but to encourage you to know that there is no magic pill. That you have to work hard for what you want. Not saying that those diets were easy but I had an option to take the longer route.  I bust my butt in the gym 5-6 times a week because of this. I want to show that I have learned from what I have done!
I also take my stretch marks and lose skin as reminder where I have come from. Which is an awesome thing!

Just another step of this dance of life.  Stay encouraged!

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My weight loss journey has taught me patience…..
In your mind you know what you want your body to look like, how long you want it to take, and what you will do when you reach your goals! But that is not how it always happens. I am all for writing your plans down, making it plain, and giving it to God to bless it… However like I said in my previous post life will throw curve balls.
You have to keep telling yourself that it will be worth it. If you have a meal that was not the healthiest, don’t throw your goals away. Start fresh with your next meal or begin immediately back on the wagon the next day! Don’t allow your frustration to block your goals or discourage you to complete them….
In the beginning I use to starve myself if I ate something bad. I would feel so depressed and call out derogatory names at myself. Then God spoke to me one day… Proverbs 18:21 which states that you speak life and be positivity every circumstance. I swear just applying that one scripture not only did I gain patience but I lost extra pounds!
Keep going! This dance is not over!

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