Hypertension….. Such a Crazy Word

Hello,  my name is Sharda Smith and I’m 26 years old. My inspiration for losing weight came along when my mom passed in March 2010. She was not a big woman but she did have heath issues such as Hypertension. When the doctor said she died from this crazy word I was livid! I couldn’t believe that high blood pressure would have this type of effect on someone’s life. I went into a deep depression and the void that I was feeling I filled it up with food.

One day I became ill and decided to get a check up and my doctor put me on the scale and I was shocked when the number stated that I was  245 lbs. and to top it off he told me I have the same health condition like my mother had “Hypertension”. My heart raced and I felt light headed when he said this will kill u, people don’t know that this is one of the leading causes for heart attacks.
He called it the silent killer and I chuckled because I kept whispering to myself, ” I need to find another darn doctor, he is crazy!”
He prescribed me medication and told me I need to diet and exercise. I rolled my eyes and said whatever you say doc knowing that I was going to do it. He gave me a look of concern and said I know you will do what u want but at the rate your going you will end up like your mother. The door slammed and it felt like a punch in the face. I cried all the way home and decided to  break up with my new best friend called ” food”.
I started to diet and exercise and the weight started to fall off even though there were days i would sit in the parking lot of a fast food restaurant and cry. I learned self-control and chose to live.  I am now 157 lbs  and it’s still a journey. I still love food I just learned to make better choices and always try to stay active. My aunt and I would like to blog about weight loss not only to help women but to support you along the way. Remember it’s not a diet its a life style change .
Thank you,
Sharda Smith

About MzNicola

Jamaican born Award-Winning Author, Blogger, and Speaker. CEO of NCM Publishing, Founder of Girls Who Brunch Tour, and Mother of two 🎓🎓 ΔΣΘ🐘
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4 Responses to Hypertension….. Such a Crazy Word

  1. Lennis Taylor says:

    Always beautiful…but now a newer more healthier you! You are an inspiration…lets get off medications by getting healthy!!!!

  2. olivia smith says:

    Im so proud of u Sharda. U came a long way, nd i love u.

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