Seventy-eight pounds later



It is always hard to admit that you have a problem and/or addiction.  My problem is that I have been struggling with weight loss for most of my adult life.  July 1, 2011 was the day that I decided that I was going to stand up to my problem, and take control of my life.  That was the day that I found out that I was over 250 pounds.  This was hard for me to believe because I as some say I carried my weight well.

My battle started in 2002.  I was pregnant and was having problems carrying the baby, so my I was prescribed several steroids which was distributed to me via a B-pack that I wore on my body to try to stop the contractions.  By this time, I already had two children and had maintained a size 11-13 pants size.  I ended up losing the baby and blowing up to a size 22.

This is when my battle began.  My weight teeter tottered for several years until I finally reached a size 16.  Even though to some that is still over-weight, I really did like the way I looked at that size.  I was comfortable.  It wasn’t until I was going over pictures of my time in Los Angeles during the BET Awards of June 2011 is when I finally came out of my denial and was truly disgusted with the way I looked. That is also when I admitted to myself that I was no longer in a size 16 and was sometimes wearing a size 20 pants.

I came up with a weight loss plan for myself that I told myself I was officially going to start July 1.  At the time I worked in the healthcare sector, was running my own business, on tour full-time, a cheer coach, and a full-time mom. I lived off of Rock Star energy drinks.  I wasn’t a person that over ate.  My problem was that I ate late at night and did not eat breakfast.  Admitting my addiction to the sugary based substance was my first step to redemption, and after two weeks of no consumption I dropped a quick 14 pounds!

I then started the diet portion of the HCG diet which is only consuming 500 calories a day without the injections and or pills.  It was already bad enough that I had to count calories, but you want me to monitor the ingredients as well!  No that was too hard for me, so I had to tailor my diet plan to suit me.  I would eat either oat meal or two boiled eggs for breakfast, a protein shake for lunch, and a vegetable, and a palm size portion of meat.

I didn’t tell anyone what I was doing.  I didn’t want any distractions to make me lose focus.  A lot of times the battle of weight loss is not between the individual and food, but really between the ones watching you. Depending how big you are, loosing 10 – 12 pounds may not be seen physically so your friends and or family may not get as excited as you are when you step on the scale.  This has been one of my issues in the past, and would stop what ever I was doing to lose weight.

After two months on my 500 calorie diet, I moved up to 1000 calories a day.  I did 1000 calories a day for two more months, and then went to eating normal proportions, but just not after seven p.m.  By November is when it was noticeable to others that I was loosing weight, but to them it looked like I lost it all at one time.  I  was back in a size 16, which at the time was my goal to get back too. I challenged myself and now I am in a size 12 comfortably.

I am trying to lose another 30 pounds and I am also in the process of toning up. After such a dramatic transformation, I have a lot of lose skin.  My other issue is reminding myself to eat three meals a day.   To anyone that can relate to my battle just remember this.  Every diet plan does not work for everybody.  You have to find something that is in the best interest for you and your family.

 March 2011 Size 20


September 2011 Size 16


January 2012 Size 14


September 2012 Size 12



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