Dieting during the Holidays!

I know when you hear the word diet you may cringe. No one likes to watch their intake especially around the Holidays, however don’t be the one to make the same Resolution at the beginning of the New Year as well…

When it comes to down home cooking and bake goods I am the first to the table but I learned how to watch my portions. Instead of plopping a big scoop of dressing on your plate you should only scoop about the size of the palm of your hand (if you have big hands make sure its half of that! LOL). Eat all the green veggies you want, it’s good for your digestive system. Note if you are a person that likes sugar in your greens, skip the sugar this year!
Instead of trying all the desserts try just one that you have been waiting for all year and try to not to go back for seconds. Finish your meal a glass of ice water, water speeds up your metabolism and it cleans out your digestive system…

Just a few tips for you!
Have a great Holiday!



About MzNicola

Jamaican born Award-Winning Author, Blogger, and Speaker. CEO of NCM Publishing, Founder of Girls Who Brunch Tour, and Mother of two 🎓🎓 ΔΣΘ🐘
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