“Screaming and no one hears you”


I know everyone at least once felt this wayin their life. You feel that you are screaming on the top of your lungs and no one hears or understands you. People from all walks of life will say to you… “its ok just pray about it” “oh i understand” “im here if you need to talk”. Sometimes when you are going through something these sayings are words without meaning. However what is true God will not bring you to it just to leave you. I will not say this will be easy at a time like this but i will say keep being patient. Know that when you feel that no one hears you; God does! Prayer does change things. Remember its just a 2 step that we all go through- Keep living keep dancing♥


About shardasmith-Stevens

Through God's direction and plan, I will touch people hearts around the world
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