“The Bodonkadonk Challenge”


So after losing 97lbs i am having. A little trouble with toning and to get what we call the “apple bottom”. With a 2 year long journey I decided to not only focus on just the weight loss, but to be healthy and fit! After seeing the Super Bowl and watching Beyonece’s performance i was shocked. She looked amazing after having a baby! All I said to myself was how can I get my thighs to look like that?!(lol) With all the rave about her performance on FaceBook I challenged my friend Tamika Newhouse that by May 15th I will have some banging ASSets. Its always good to keep short term goals and to have someone to challenge you to them! Find a new groove, continue to grow, and create a new dance ♥ Be blessed Sharda Smith


About shardasmith-Stevens

Through God's direction and plan, I will touch people hearts around the world
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One Response to “The Bodonkadonk Challenge”

  1. Moma says:

    lunges…will make your booty pop

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