Sometimes Love needs a little Valor

Valor such an interesting word which means bravery; I was reading God’s word today and came across Judges 6:12 and it stated “the Lord is ALWAYS with you, you mighty man of valor”! I said to myself “wow he has so much faith and thinks so highly of us why do we doubt”? Now if anyone that is close to me knows that I am pretty strong woman but when it comes to matters of the heart I can be fearful. I met someone a couple months ago and I thought it would go past a week. He is someone that I wouldn’t go after or give the time of day so I anticipated the norm. A man always tries to get into my pants before my heart, afraid to commit, or lives at home with his mother! LOL now ladies I know you feel me on this one. To my surprise one day he asked if we could pray together. I was shocked! I said” OMG this one maybe a little harder to figure out”. Then we began to pray with each other every day. He let me know I don’t want to date you, I want to court you. I have been speechless and also fearful of what was happening. So I continued to pray and my family and friends was letting me know to let God take control. I just couldn’t get that concept through my head; I kept saying “I’ve been hurt before.” So today one of my friends Talon Mayo left an interesting Dialogue on my FB page; “Finding the Right Person”. What stuck out the most in this article was “God determines who walks into your life. It’s up to you to decide to let leave.” It touched me so much that I decided to let the guy that I am seeing read it as well. His words to me was “ I love you, so if we let God take the lead over our relationship nomatter what we go through WE won’t question if we found the right person…. So my advice to you is that know that it takes VALOR to overcome any situation all you have to do tie your knot and hold on to God’s unchanging hand! P.S. It’s ok to allow yourself to dance♥


About shardasmith-Stevens

Through God's direction and plan, I will touch people hearts around the world
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One Response to Sometimes Love needs a little Valor

  1. Lennis says:

    Our God is Awesome…He can move mountains……so happy for you Beautiful!!!! Moma loves you!

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