“Accepting Yourself”


I am reallt trying hard to accept my body. I have blogged many times about my body. About loving and accepting the way you look. Well ladies I have a cofession to make, my state of mind wont allow me to believe what I speak to you. I know I’m not the only one?! You said ok I love me and then you look in the mirror, it seems like all of your imperfections have been magnified! (LoL). The word “hate” comes out of my mouth when speaking about my body. I say to my loved ones “I hate the way it looks”, “look at my butt, i hate the way its shapped”, and “i hate that I dont have a flat tummy like the celebs”.  But if you dont love yourself the way you are. Will you ever love yourself? Ask yourself what are you saying to God? He made YOU! With all the working out and eating right these questions and thoughts may run through your head. However you are made in a PERFECT image. GOD’S….

pray for me as I pray for all the women who struggles with their image. Keep praying, keep smiling, and keep dancing.



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4 Responses to “Accepting Yourself”

  1. I can totally relate! i have not had as much weight loss as you have but I am on this journey! The more weight I lose it seems like the more I have to battle in my mind mentally! It’s like all of the “other” imperfections come out! I constantly have to remind myself that my battle is not to look a certain way, but to remain healthy!

    This was a GREAT article! It’s good to know I am not alone! 🙂
    P.S. You look GREAT!!

  2. Lennis Taylor says:

    Even though you are your biggest critic of yourself, I love your tenacity and the fact that you do acknowledged that you were made in God’s perfect image. What make it hard to accept the fact that we are beautiful is because we compare ourselves to others what we consider the standard for beauty in MAN. However, we have to stop and realize the only true beauty is what comes from the heart, and the fact that God’s beauty is the standard for anything and everything wonderfully, beautifully, and perfectly made. You are soooooo beautiful…..Moma luvs ya!

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