Being a Christian and having depression


I was just listening to 90.5 and they were talking about Christians battling with depression, anxiety, or chemical imbalances. How we are scared to reveal those struggles due to our faith….

Well my name is Sharda and I am a 27 year old that battles with anxiety and depression. I do not take pills because of course I know where my help comes from.
I was about 10 when I realized that sometimes I would get sad for no reason. My mom would always comfort me and tell me to pray and that it was OK.  As I got older I never wanted to talk about it. I was always afraid to express that some times i feel like the walls are closing and I cant breathe. What will people think??? That I am crazy! Or that I don’t pray or ready the bible enough????
It started to take a toll on my life when my mom passed away. There were days I couldn’t even get out the bed . My doctor told me to get on meds and I told him I would and never filled the prescription. I talked to God and asked Him to help and He has! Do I still have my days? Yes! Do I still need to walk away and have some time for myself? Absolutely!  This doesn’t mean I don’t have faith and that I am doubting God. i have come to the realization that I am human… I would never want any of my brothers and sisters in Christ feel they they are alone. We need to help and encourage one another



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