Why I am against “Fad Diets”


This is a picture that I have been avoiding to post. There has been so many people that have congratulated me  on losing so much weight but I struggle with the results…. Yes, I  am happy that I am healthier and yes! I love going to a store and picking up clothes that I don’t have to try on however walking past a mirror while getting dress is a reminder how I started my whole weight loss journey.
When I first was told to lose weight by my General Practitioner, I wanted it to be  done fast! Back in 2011 the new fad diet called HCG was so appealing. “30 pounds in 30 days!” Who wouldn’t want that?! So I purchased the program and lost 32 lbs in 30 days. I was so elated! I told myself I can do this now. So I began eating right and walking after dinner. I kept the weight off but the scale didn’t move like I wanted it to. So I did another round of HCG and lost 15 more pounds and that was the first time I  seen a little lose skin. But it didn’t bother me, I told myself I would do situps or something. Then I began to gain what I lost and became depressed. A co-worker of mine showed me the Atkins diet and I was skeptical. Her exact word was ” you can eat more than 500 calories” (HCG only allowed me to eat that many calories a day). So I was sold! I lost more weight and the scale was my friend again!
Then one day someone mentioned to me, you are so lucky that you worked the weight off or you would have lose skin. I told her I do! And gave her the background. That before I became a gym rat and a lover of the best supplements company (Advocare ). I began my journey with fad diets and starvation to allow my body to lose weight. I told her my regrets and how I wish that I took it slower….
Today after speaking at an event I decided to share this, not for sympathy but to encourage you to know that there is no magic pill. That you have to work hard for what you want. Not saying that those diets were easy but I had an option to take the longer route.  I bust my butt in the gym 5-6 times a week because of this. I want to show that I have learned from what I have done!
I also take my stretch marks and lose skin as reminder where I have come from. Which is an awesome thing!

Just another step of this dance of life.  Stay encouraged!


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Through God's direction and plan, I will touch people hearts around the world
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