Dieting VS Depriving


Everyone hates the word diet, because you may feel like you are depriving yourself from the foods you love.
If you turn this word into a positive one you will now feel that dieting is to be more disciplined and not over indulge in the foods that I love. You can still have a cookie or two but not that whole container in one weekend! There is no rule book that says you are depriving yourself if you never have junk food again, but on the contrary there are medical claims that you can make yourself very sick if you continue to eat too much of it.
Being new on this journey or starting over because you have fell off the wagon. Start writing your foods down and also use a calendar and set small periods of time to have cheat day.  You will not only work harder but you will see that over time your cheat days are further apart from one another!
Remember to have a successful start you should plan and prep because it is so easy to fall into your old habits. As time goes on this will become apart your regiment and I promise you will have a successful victory as well!


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