Feeling Stuck….

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In a world that constantly moves, you evaluate whats going on in your own personal world….

The more I evaluate the more I feel stuck. I know I am not the only one….but the real question is how do we unstick ourselves? Do we ignore the feeling and live this mediocre life? Or is there a magical oil that will make us non-stick (lol).

I have tried everything from praying, writing down goals, reading self help books….I mean you name it, i have done it!!! Then I stumbled across this video by Priscilla Shirer titled “Toxic Thinking”For as he thinks within himself, so he is. He says to you, “Eat and drink!” But his heart is not with you (Proverbs23:7). The way you feel starts with how you think…. But how do you change the way you think?  you might ask.. You have to say those positive and great things to yourself! Not just today but on a daily basis. Then once you believe it now your faith is no longer without works. Now your prayers are more effective!  I know your circumstances have not changed (yet) but you being depressed does not change your perspective. Your Perception is  your reality. As I express my thoughts to you and minister to myself. I want to try to wake up with positive thoughts each morning and see where that gets me because being angry,sad, or frustrated does not change my situation…. and Yeah you may say being happy doesn’t either… and you are right! But changing the way you think might allows you to be thankful and see things differently.

Food for thought…


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Through God's direction and plan, I will touch people hearts around the world
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